The ICO Guys – Your Blockchain & ICO Advisory

Who are The ICO Guys?

The ICO Guys is a global professional consulting company incorporated in Malta that offers turnkey solutions to companies who aspire to unlock the potential of the blockchain technology.

The ICO Guys assist projects at the frontier of smart contract technologies by navigating through the hybrid complexities bred by technology development, financial market risks, and the ever-changing regulatory environment.

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How can The ICO Guys help you?

The ICO Guys have pioneered a new suite of services to effectively cover the needs companies looking to raise the needed capital to launch their blockchain project into a successful ICO.

Here’s a breakdown of the services offered by The ICO Guys:

Company Setup

Set up company and foundation, opening corporate bank account, creating business profile (logo design, website interface design, and branding).


Legal Advisory

Creation and amendment of whitepaper, preparation of legal documents to launch your ICO in accordance with Maltese regulations and laws.



Multi-faceted support including marketing content creation, video production, community establishment, and social media maintenance and promotion.


Public Relations

Identifying news angles, raising public profile, providing media exposure via renowned media channels, organizing industry summits and roadshows.


Token Design

We have partnered up with the best Technical companies around Europe to make sure you will get the best service when it comes to Smart contract such as ERC20, architecting token structure, size and distribution.


Token Sale

Designing the token sales structure, such as pre-sale and main sale, arranging investor roadshows, incubating and accelerating quality projects, listing on one or multiple exchanges.


Why should you use the ICO Guys?

The ICO Guys specialise in the creation and development of bespoke blockchain applications needed to successfully launch your cryptocurrency.

With years of experience and a strategic placement in the crypto friendly jurisdiction of Malta, The ICO Guys have extensive knowledge of the best practices needed to bring your ICO vision to life and raise the needed capital during your initial coin offering.

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