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How to Start using BitCoin by Blockchart.io

Cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin, are an innovative type of currency that relies on Blockchain technology. The whole point of these digital currencies is to make transactions quick, easy and without...
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What is Ethereum? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io

Ethereum, also known as the Queen of cryptocurrencies, takes the technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain, and uses it to become more than just another Cryptocurrency. Ether, the token or currency generated...
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What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io

Bitcoin, as well as several other cryptocurrencies, adopt this latter model. Every time a Bitcoin is mined, it creates a new “block” which is added to the Blockchain, a string...
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ICO crypto currency smart contracts

Smart contracts – What are they?

Ethereum aim is to make everyday life that bit more efficient and cost effective, by automating daily processes and creating a system without the middlemen. This could be used in...
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Bitcoin Mining – What is it?

The processes which take part in making transactions happen with Bitcoin are done by thousands of computers worldwide which are connected to the internet. This process is referred to as...
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Crypto News Bitcoin Ethereum

Bitcoin vs Ethereum – What’s the difference?

Bitcoin aims to be a digital gold if you will, that will eventually become a globally adopted currency which could replace or be an option to people to the conventional money. Ethereum...
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