How to Start using BitCoin by Blockchart.io


Cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin, are an innovative type of currency that relies on Blockchain technology. The whole point of these digital currencies is to make transactions quick, easy and without third parties such as banks charging fees. Several businesses have already begun making use of cryptocurrencies, most notably BitCoin (BTC). Getting set up couldn’t be easier!

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What is Monero? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


Our data is our own. For the past decade we have become increasingly concerned with our own privacy. Monero is one of the most secure and private cryptocurrencies out there to date, putting BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies to shame. While Monero has a lot in common with BitCoin, Monero’s transactions are completely private and untraceable, making it the wiser option.

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