What is EOS? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


EOS, sometimes called Ethereum Killer, aims to serve as a platform for Decentralised Applications, Dapps. These Dapps would operate on a single, global network through EOS’ Blockchain, thus ensuring the privacy we have come to expect from cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. EOS’ main competitor is Ethereum, the 2nd highest ranking cryptocurrency, and EOS is making some very bold moves that just might give it the edge it needs.

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What is Dash? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


Cryptocurrencies, by and large, all aim to eventually replace conventional fiat money. With so many currencies around, what makes Dash stand out from the rest of the competition? One of Dash’s most ambitious goals is to create a digital currency with the same liquidity of paper money. It is also taking some of the technical issues which BitCoin faces, such as privacy concerns, scalability and transaction fees.

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What is Ethereum Classic? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


Anyone who has displayed an interest in Ethereum will no doubt have heard of Ethereum Classic. Some confusion is natural, but main thing to keep in mind is that Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH) are two different and distinct cryptocurrencies. As a result these two cryptocurrencies are distinct from one another, although they share a common ancestry. While they share a similar functionality and core ideas, the difference lies in how the Ethereum community handled the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) hack and the resulting fork.

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What is Binance Coin? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


With the steady increase of interest in cryptocurrencies, it was only a matter of time until something like the Binance Coin (BNB) came along! BNB isn’t just another cryptocurrency, it powers the whole Binance Exchange; a revolutionary (and profitable) means of trading different cryptocurrencies. Incidentally, it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange to-date, and with good reason too!

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What is NEO? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


Expecting NEO to be “the one” to be bring peace to our current economic crises might be a tad naive, but that doesn’t mean that NEO has nothing to offer to the world of cryptocurrencies. Nothing could be further from the truth! NEO, often called China’s Ethereum, boasts considerable improvements over its Western counterpart, from technological advances to developments with regards to Smart Contract systems, all of which help earmark NEO as an up-and-coming cryptocurrency.

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What is Ethereum? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


Ethereum, also known as the Queen of cryptocurrencies, takes the technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain, and uses it to become more than just another Cryptocurrency. Ether, the token or currency generated by Etherium is used to power a decentralized, world-wide network and a completely independant app store. It allows people to enter into agreements through “Smart Contracts” which negate the need for a brokering party. All this helps to make Ether one of the strongest cryptocurrencies to date.

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What is BitCoin Cash? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


With such a wide array of cryptocurrencies, things can get very confusing. Think of BitCoin Cash, as BitCoin Plus, a new and improved version of BitCoin. It is a convenient way of sending money, anywhere around the world, electronically without the inflated transaction fees and host of other problems caused by centralised institutions such as banks. This decentralised cryptocurrency is the future of money!

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