Malta first to legislate blockchain, cryptocurrencies and DLT by Blockchart.io


While other countries are still debating their stance towards cryptocurrencies Malta, a little Island in the middle of the Mediterranean is blazing the trail for cryptocurrency legislation in what can only be called a savvy financial endeavour. The bold approach taken by the Maltese Government has helped Malta to earn the nickname the “Blockchain Island,” and several Blockchain firms have moved in to set up shop and take advantage of operating within a secure and regulated legal environment.

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What is Cryptocurrency? by Blockchart.io


Cryptocurrencies were created to avoid the issue of governments printing new money, causing inflation and decreasing the collective value of everyone’s savings, as happened during the Bailouts of 2007/08. In order to prevent inflation, several cryptocurrencies have a limit, or a market cap which would be reached sometime in the far future. Once the limit is reached, no-one can create more. For instance BitCoin caps at 21 million coins. Most cryptocurrencies do not have a central, regulating authority, instead, they operate in a fully decentralised system which means that no single individual or group has totalitarian control over your finances.

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