ESTS tokens can now be bought and exchanged on the crypto exchange platform LATOKEN!

Since July 13th, ESTS Initiative listed its ESTS tokens on the crypto exchange company, LATOKEN. Now investors can easily purchase ESTS tokens through the LATOKEN platform.


Who is ESTS initiative?

ESTS Initiative which stands for E&S Tokenised Services is an ICO which offers Legal, Corporate and Business advisory. This multi-disciplinary firm has over 10 years’ experience in the legal and financial industry. Over the past year, it started to pave its way into the DLT, blockchain and ICO sector. It has already advised over 80 ICOs helping them launch their projects successfully in accordance with Maltese law.

Why choose ESTS?

Since DLT platforms are gaining momentum with more esteemed companies shifting their operations on this decentralised technology, many investors and clients are aware of this technology. Being set on the island of Malta, ESTS follows the set regulations passed by the Maltese parliament. In fact, Malta is being widely dubbed as the ‘Blockchain Island’, many DLT businesses have shifted their operations on this jurisdiction. On July 4th 2018, the Maltese government maintained its progressive stance by successfully passing three regulations.

ESTS became a world’s first firm to tokenise its services to its clients’. Our esteemed clients will benefit from a plethora of services in Corporate, Legal, Accounting, Trusts and ICO Legal services. Through this platform, it will provide a perfect harmony to those who wish to pay in ESTS tokens.

What is in it for you?

Our services are designed to achieve a good ICO rating and a successful project. Our legal services cover various aspects in relation to an ICO following the Maltese law. Services offered by ESTS are the following:

  1. Review and analysing of white paper from a legal perspective;
  2. Analysing the token designed, checking if it is a utility token or a security token;
  3. Drafting of Private Token placement document/ agreement;
  4. Drafting of Token Offer document/ agreement;
  5. Drafting of T&Cs;
  6. Drafting of Risks of Token acquirer;
  7. Drafting of Private Policy;
  8. Disclaimer for the website;
  9. KYC guidelines.

ESTS also offers Tokenomics services, which is part of our financial advisory services. In order to achieve a perfect token design our team will assist to identify the following:

  1. Token Price;
  2. Token Quality;
  3. Token Distribution;
  4. Soft/Hard Cap.

Last but not least, in order for an ICO to operate in Malta, it has to open up a Maltese company. ESTS Initiative offer this service for ICO to obtain a limited liability company in Malta. During this process, our company provides a full KYC solution to contributors participating in the ICO.

Certificate of Excellence

As part of our services, ESTS Initiative offers an ICO Certification of Excellence to ICO promoters who will be launching their ICO projects. This process will be in accordance with due diligence on promoters, legal soundness, financial viability and a full technical audit to ICOs.

ESTS seeding competition

A competition will be launched every 6 months to help start-ups to launch their project ICO. Through this competition, ESTS Initiative will be looking for interesting ICO projects that will help will be then voted for and the winning project will receive the lesser of 750,000 ESTS equivalent to USD 2.5 million. ICOs participating in this competition will have to adhere to the T&C that the competition entails.

Why buy and trade ESTS Tokens?

Now that you found out what ESTS Initiative is about you can now trade your ESTS tokens on LATOKEN. You not only can buy tokens but can use them for your ICO project that you are about to launch! ESTS token is being traded against Ethereum and LATOKEN currencies.

You should consider to buy and trade ESTS tokens so that you can benefit from our services. Since we have tokenised our services, ESTS services accept ESTS tokens to buy our services offered within the firm.

LATOKEN crypto exchange and how to buy and trade ESTS Tokens

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange which focuses on liquidity for new tokens. This crypto exchange platform has already been listed as CoinMarketCap’s Top 50 by trading volume. Its successes are noted as trading more then 70+ crypto pairs, has more than 70,000 active traders, has a low trading and withdrawal fees and it weekly pairs new trading. LATOKEN enables its users to participate in selected token sales when they are at pre-sale and also crowdsale stages.

ESTS has opened its deposits on the LATOKEN, trading of ESTS tokens will open after.

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