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Scientia ipsa potentia est.

Few people can deny that knowledge is one of the highest virtues, it allows us to plan, be more aware of happenings around us and invest wisely in our future. This is especially the case with regards to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, this novel technology has taken the world by storm over the past decade and finding information about them can be quite daunting. Crypto Chain University is a virtual library of Alexandria with a vast amount of academic research freely available to anyone who wishes to learn!


What is Crypto Chain University?

Crypto Chain University is one of the oldest academic institutions dedicated solely to the advancement and researching of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It is the leading non-profit, research-only institution which tackles blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized computing technologies. The University was founded in February of 2010 and, keeping in line with the principles of Blockchain, has made the decentralization of knowledge as one of its primary goals. As a result, its vast archives of academic literature, as well as Cryptocurrency Whitepapers and research publications, are freely available for download.

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Besides being a free, digital library, Crypto Chain University has been a leading advocate in developing an educational and cultural strategy for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Its mission statement outlines the institution’s goals and educational stance;

“We [Crypto Chain University] are a learning community promoting excellence, innovation and creativity. We are committed to being:

  1. An agent for social inclusion and social change
  2. An arena for social inclusion and social change
  3. A strategic force driving educational and cultural strategy for the industry of Crypto and Blockchain.
  4. An educational hub supporting the economy through creativity, knowledge transfer, research and development.

Through knowledge, innovation and enterprise we aim to transform the lives of those who engage with us.”

What the adoption of these liberal goals means is that CCU is guaranteeing equal opportunity to any potential applicants. Individuals should not be prevented from expanding their minds because of financial difficulties or their social status, and CCU has systems in place which allow for the just distribution of bursary funds to applicants facing economic hardship.

Being an educational hub does not only mean teaching students relevant material, for CCU education takes a much broader scope. A person’s mental growth is closely tied to their well-being, through extra-curricular opportunities and community volunteering, CCU greatly enhances student’s learning experience to allow students to reach their full potential!

All this helps CCU’s staff, alumni and the institution as a whole be business oriented and fostering a culture of critical thinking. In order to continually grow and excel it is necessary to constantly develop ideas and regularly challenge our own views. To achieve this end CCU works closely with several corporations who seek business support and research and development initiatives. This, alongside the ever-expanding industry of cryptocurrencies, helps to prepare graduates from the university for work related to the industry and increases the prospect of employment for students!

In essence, CCU aims to be a progressive educational institution which provides its students with both specialised, technical information as well as holistic growth which allows its graduates to be digitally literate and enterprising global citizens. The University’s approach cultivates a sense of lifelong learning and professional development which enriches the learning experience of its students.

What does it offer?

Crypto Chain University features a number of tools which are indispensable to anyone interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It boasts one of the largest academic archives, with records from 2010 up until today. It also hosts documents which date back as early as 1976, which have inspired the development of cryptocurrency technology to the way we know it today.

The website also hosts a wide array of academic peer-reviewed journals, including “Ledger.” These documents deal with a number of topics including the role of blockchain in the healthcare profession, Ethereum developments, technology guides and investment. Another interesting feature is a list of some of the most cited publications which deal with a number of topics pertinent to the industry; such as the 51% Attack, Byzantine Consensus, Initial Coin offerings, Proof-of-work and even zkSNARKs. This list is invaluable to anyone conducting research!

CCU also offers an index about the most influential individuals in the industry as well as information about the top cryptocurrency and blockchain exchanges from around the world. This can help anyone interested in investing by providing a list of exchanges according to the countries they operate in and giving a list of pros and cons for each of these exchanges.

For those who have already invested, CCU provides a news portal which links to a number cryptocurrency and blockchain news websites, as well as a market cap database which provides real-time updates of the prices of several cryptocurrencies. All this helps you to stay up to date with this tremulous industry! For more in-depth research and queries, CCU also offers business consultancy, support and research.

Ordre des Arts et des Technologies

CCU has also introduced the “Ordre des Arts et des Technologies” honours, which aims to recognise those who have made significant contributions of the technological arts. This prestigious honour is limited to those few who have contributed to the enrichment of the financial and/or technological inheritance. The honour is divided into three grades; Knight, Officer and Commander. Those bestowed with these titles include Bobby Ong (Co-founder and Chief Economist of CoinGecko), Pierre Noizat (CEO of Paymium and co-founder of the French Bitcoin association) and John Kamara (expert in financial payment solutions gaming).

The world around us is gradually becoming a global nation, interconnected through the internet. The rise of is only further testament to this development. It is refreshing to see an educational institution with the same rigor as conventional universities openly adopting and amalgamating this vision, ultimately contributing to the realisation of a world with a single, national identity and a shared, global ethos.

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