Bridging the Gap Between Volatile Cryptocurrencies and Current eCommerce Markets

The 2018 Malta Blockchain Summit was a roaring success, bringing affiliates, scholars and entrepreneurs from all across the world under one roof. In between several promising ICO’s and groundbreaking A.I technology, here at Blockchart.io we also found time to learn a little bit more about Treos and interview CEO and founder of Treos, Dan Spiteri.

Treos, what is it and how is it different from other cryptocurrencies?

One of the biggest issues currently facing cryptocurrencies is there inherent volatility. Treos is a new economy based off Blockchain technology. By creating stable tokens which are anchored to the price of gold, this ensures that Treos is a stable token with significant real world applications! Treos also aims to give cryptocurrency holders to use our online shops and use Treos and method of payment.

We aim to bridge the gap between volatile cryptocurrencies and current e commerce markets. By allowing users of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, BitCoin or Litecoin, to use Treos as a means of exchange creates a parallel economy that supports blockchain industries.

What is a Stable Token?

A Stable Token is a token which will hold its value over a long period time. You wouldn’t want to buy a house (or any product really) using a currency that is not a store of value. Imagine buying a million dollar house, and the next day the value of that currency just drops by 20%, as was the case in the early days of cryptocurrencies. When the value of a currency fluctuates in that manner, both merchants and consumers are less likely to use something so risky in their day-to-day transactions.

A road map to success

Having already launched its proof of concept marketplace, Treos is looking to integrate of POS (point-of-sale) machines which utilise Treos and our their brick-and-mortar shops, an online marketplace, similar to eBay or Amazon where users buy and sell goods through the cryptocurrency, ATM’s and payment gateways in which merchants would be able to use Treos as a secure payment method for their own website!

Treos and Malta

Treos was initially based in Australia, but its team is spread across 18 countries. Recently Treos has become incorporated in Malta, thanks to the country’s progressive licencing law and regulation. We are here because of integration and regulation, being advocates of regulations helps us to provide our customers with security.

With such a solid basis and game plan it’s hard not to get excited for this new cryptocurrency, that might just become our everyday means of paying. But what does the future hold for Treos? Whether its partnering with an existing fiat based merchant system or applying for their own EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licence, whatever the case may be, we look forward to hearing more from Treos!

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