Blockchain: Bigger and Better than Gaming in Malta

The 2018 Malta Blockchain Summit was a massive success and has really helped to put the Blockchain Island on the map! A host of speakers have given us a glimpse of how in the future we might look at money, robotics and Blockchain in a completely new light. Over the course of the three-day summit, we at Blockchart got together with E&S Group to discuss the exciting future of Blockchain and how Malta is regulating this highly promising industry!

Who are the E&S Group?

E&S Group has been 8 years in the making and it exists as a group of companies who act as
corporate service providers with a team of 40 strong; including lawyers, accountants. Recently E&S Group has expanded its horizons and has begun focusing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Although having just started in the field of cryptocurrencies, E&S already boasts over 120 international clients, a mix of ICO, Exchanges, OTC’s,

This would make E&S one of the top legal firms dedicated to Blockchain?

“While the numbers are high, E&S doesn’t look at the numbers but rather on the quality of the service provided. We had started quite early in the industry hence why the numbers are what they are today. Blockchain is so big, Cryptocurrency is so big that these are still small numbers compared to what can be achieved in this area”.

E&S Group, Malta and Blockchain

How do you see Blockchain affecting your business and Malta as a whole?

“I like the way the government is taking the initiative and taking on pilot projects in the blockchain sphere, but with regards to the legal industry, there are still some scalability issues that need to be ironed out.”

E&S Group has already implemented strategies to help with this endeavour, especially with regards to KYC (Knowing Your Customer).

Blockchain, Bigger and Better than Gaming

Malta’s history of regulating high-risk industries, such as with gaming, exploring and regulating Blockchain technology is a natural progression. Blockchain is going to be thousand’s of times larger than gaming, as it impacts every sector of society and any kind of industry. The potential is much, much larger.

The sheer turn-out of people attending the conference is huge, and it’s only the first one. The first SIGMA conference was only a fraction in comparison. While people liken blockchain to gaming, the reality is that blockchain is thousands of times bigger, just for Malta itself. Malta can never be the only player in the industry, the world will need to regulate blockchain together step-by-step. What Malta, and E&S Group, is trying to do is to become the Silicon Valley of Blockchain.

Hopefully, this dream does come to fruition and Malta, alongside E&S Group, would become a global trailblazer within the Blockchain industry! Although there is still work to be done in order for Malta to fully integrate Blockchain, the presence of legal giants such as E&S Group makes the future of Blockchain look very bright!

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