Asian Fintech Promises Seamless and Effective Mining

Asian Fintech promises a seamless and effective means mining with no need for technical knowledge.

As cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and Ethereum continue to dominate the world finance, one can’t help but ask how these cryptocurrencies work. The 2018 Malta Blockchain summit was an excellent way to find out more about the exciting innovations being proposed and learning more about cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and mining. Here at Blockchart we reached out to Asian Fintech who offers a unique and promising means for those interested in investing in Crypto Mining!

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly expanding, who are Asian Fintech?

Asian Fintech is a business platform which offers 6 distinct platforms;

  • An Auction platform
  • Wellness Reservation Platform
  • Crypto Mining management platform

And starting in 2019 we will launch another 3 platforms,

  • Finance & Leasing and Insurance Platform
  • Entertainment & Gaming Platform
  • Real Estate & Properties Platform

Could you tell us more about the Crypto Mining management platform?

At the moment investing in Crypto Mining requires a fair deal of technical knowledge and expensive technology, not to mention in most cases needing a large scale farm to even be profitable. Asian Fintech is developing a mining platform, which can be controlled over the internet from anywhere around the world. The Initial Coin Offering is based in Singapore and the way it works is that you can use the token from the ICO to purchase the mining rig. The Mining Rig itself will be based in Thailand which offers much more sustainable electrical solutions. The system itself provides users with a web dashboard from which you can choose what coin you’d like to mine and transfers the funds directly to your wallet. So there is no risk of the master wallet of the farm being hacked. It mines directly to your wallet. This is a new concept for the mining business.

One of the biggest things behind cryptocurrencies is mining. What is mining in a nutshell?

Cryptocurrencies use Blockchain technology, each Block in the chain is a list of data which needs to solved or mined. Think of mining Bitcoin like trying to guess the password for that Block. Computers can attempt to guess these passwords, for instance, one graphic card can guess the password at a rate of, say, 30 million times per second. If you correctly guess the password of that Block you gain (or mine) the reward for that Block individual Block.


For those interested in the world of BitCoin Mining Asian Fintech promises a seamless and effective means mining with no need for technical knowledge. By investing in Asian Fintech’s ICO clients can use the token on these platforms and through the Crypto Mining Management platform they can mine BitCoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies directly to their wallet. With the ability to control and manage mining from anywhere in the world, it is easy to see why Fintech and Afin are a rising star in the Asian market, and soon, in Europe!

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