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How to Start using BitCoin by Blockchart.io


Cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin, are an innovative type of currency that relies on Blockchain technology. The whole point of these digital currencies is to make transactions quick, easy and without third parties such as banks charging fees. Several businesses have already begun making use of cryptocurrencies, most notably BitCoin (BTC). Getting set up couldn’t be easier!

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What is Monero? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


Our data is our own. For the past decade we have become increasingly concerned with our own privacy. Monero is one of the most secure and private cryptocurrencies out there to date, putting BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies to shame. While Monero has a lot in common with BitCoin, Monero’s transactions are completely private and untraceable, making it the wiser option.

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What is IOTA? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


IOTA refers to itself as “A permissionless distributed ledger for a new economy.” It is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency with a particular focus on system speed and scalability. IOTA aims to capitalise on the growing trend towards the “Internet of Things.” But what makes IOTA so unique is that it does not actually use a Blockchain, instead it has its own unique system which has allowed to become transaction free and extremely scalable.

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What is Cardano? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


It is hard to dispute the importance of research and academic rigour. For several projects, including Cardano, proper scholastic methodology has helped to pave the way for success. It is refreshing to see a modern cryptocurrency, utilising the latest in blockchain technology alongside peer-reviewed academic research to create a smart-contract platform built to last!

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What is EOS? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


EOS, sometimes called Ethereum Killer, aims to serve as a platform for Decentralised Applications, Dapps. These Dapps would operate on a single, global network through EOS’ Blockchain, thus ensuring the privacy we have come to expect from cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. EOS’ main competitor is Ethereum, the 2nd highest ranking cryptocurrency, and EOS is making some very bold moves that just might give it the edge it needs.

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What is Dash? Cryptocurrencies explained by Blockchart.io


Cryptocurrencies, by and large, all aim to eventually replace conventional fiat money. With so many currencies around, what makes Dash stand out from the rest of the competition? One of Dash’s most ambitious goals is to create a digital currency with the same liquidity of paper money. It is also taking some of the technical issues which BitCoin faces, such as privacy concerns, scalability and transaction fees.

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